The mission of the Upper Colorado River Authority, acting within the parameters of its charter, is to enhance the water quality of the streams and tributaries located within the watershed of the Upper Colorado River Authority.
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TMDL Project Coordination Committee Records
Meeting Agendas
05.22.13 AG
06.26.13 AG
07.31.13 AG
08.28.13 AG

03.26.14 AG

Meeting Summaries
05.22.13 SUM
06.26.13 SUM
07.31.13 SUM
08.28.13 SUM

03.26.14 SUM
Meeting Presentations
05.22.13 UCRAPPT
06.26.13 UCRAPPT
07.31.13 UCRAPPT
08.28.13 UCRAPPT
08.28.13 TCEQPPT
03.26.14 UCRAPPT